Heating Problems - Boiler Advice - Heating Tips

Here are some some basic boiler checks you can do before calling a plumbing and heating engineer. Simply follow the checklists.

If you still have any concerns after having carried out these checks feel free to contact us to arrange a visit - a phone call can put your mind at rest.

  • Gas Boilers
  • Is there gas to the boiler?
    • Check using another gas supply in the house - perhaps a cooker or gas fire?
    • Check that the gas supply valve is turned on at the gas meter.
  • Does the boiler have a pilot light?
    • Is it alight?
    • No - Refer to manual for lighting procedure. Re-light pilot and observe. (Instructions may be printed on the reverse of the boiler front panel).
    • Yes - If the pilot light is lit but there's no heating or hot water you will require a visit.
  • Does the boiler have electronic ignition?
    i.e. no pilot? Is a spark present?
    Use eye-view to check inside boiler.

General Heating Tips For All Boilers

  • Is the electricity supply on?
    Check the boiler supply switch is on.
    Check the fuse on the boiler supply switch and replace the fuse if necessary with a 3amp fuse.
  • Is the programmer or timer switched on?
    If in doubt, switch to "override", "constant" or "continuous".
  • Do you have a wireless room thermostat?
    Try changing the batteries in the room unit. You may need to reset the unit by following the manufacturers instructions. 
  • Switch off at the main power switch to the boiler, wait 10 seconds & switch back on.                                                                                                                                 This can reset the boiler & can resolve some problems.

Gas Combination Boilers

  • Is the water pressure adequate?
    Check the pressure gauge on the front panel or underneath the front panel shows between 1.0 - 1.5 bar. This may have dropped if you have recently bled your radiators.
    If the pressure is too low turn off the boiler, locate the filling loop tap and top-up to required pressure.
    (This may be a chrome flexible hose under the boiler or on more modern boilers or alternatively built into the pipework under the boiler).
  • Is the boiler particularly noisy?
    Yes - if you have a combination or system boiler, check the water pressure guage, as described above. If you have a regular boiler, check the header tank (the small one) in the loft has water in it. The ball valve may be stuck and the tank is empty.
  • Are radiators hot at the bottom but cold at the top?
    Yes - This means they need 'bleeding' using a radiator key or suitable tools. After bleeding radiators re-check the the boiler pressure and increase as requied.

Be Safe!

If you feel tired and experience tightness across the forehead, headaches, weakness, dizziness and nausea when a gas appliance is in operation switch the appliance off, open widows and call a plumbing and heating engineer

Gas Emergency?

Telephone 0800 111999

All the above heating tips are very basic. Do NOT be be tempted to get too involved. This video shows one possible result.

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